Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Day Will Dawn: Boston Marathon Explosions

What do you say after hearing about a tragedy like what happened today in Boston?  The unthinkable has happened again?  Such a senseless act!  So unnecessary.  Why?   In times like these I think first of the victims, in this case the three (possibly more) whose lives were so unexpectedly snatched from them.  Naturally, thoughts of their families ensue - indeed victims, as well.

Relational set-ups come to mind.  Children suddenly motherless or fatherless, mothers and fathers who've lost a child, folks who've lost their brother, sister, friend or neighbor.  We can all relate to that somehow.  We all feel the heartbreak.    

For those who lost limbs and sustained horrific injuries, their bodies will heal.  They'll go on living, but the scars will surely run deep.  Will they ever feel safe?  A false comfort inside their hearts (our hearts) broke eternally today.  The reality is, senseless violence happens everywhere every day.  Today it was America's reality, and among our beloved people.  We are not exempt.     

Yet somehow in the midst of the wickedness, we are reminded still of community, caring and kindness.  Watching the footage, people were scurrying about in a panic. Fear and concern were embedded in furrowed brows and hurried paces - not for the sake of their own lives, but to help the injured who were fighting for theirs.  Police officers and firefighters were doing everything in their power to ensure calm and safety in the midst of chaos.  Of course, who could forget the officials who are on the task of finding out who’s responsible?  They'll not be sleeping tonight. 

Yes, it's senseless.  It's beyond unfortunate and just plain wrong.  When I go to bed tonight (as I've done since I heard) I will pray for everyone involved in this hateful act, but I also know that we can take solace in that tomorrow a new day will dawn.  Evil will be brought to justice and the goodness of people will prevail.

photo credit: LenDog64 via photopin cc  


Betsy Henning said...

Beautifully put, Lisa. In the midst of tragedy, we hold on to hope. A new day indeed has dawned and healing has begun. Still, so much sadness for too many.

Thank you for this hopeful post.

Lisa Vella said...

Yes, Betsy. You're right. So much sadness...